When creating a support ticket there is the option of adding images to the ticket. This allows us to see what you are working with so we may offer more accurate suggestions to the correct header to use, or how to solve a clearance issue.


  • Be sure the images you attach are clear.
  • Provide pictures from various angles.
  • Editing the images to show dimensions (cylinder head to steering components or to the frame are good examples. For outside chassis headers and Zoomies, ride height and door/firewall clearance is also helpful).

Image Size:

When your digital camera takes a picture, especially in HD (high definition) mode, the image may be quite large depending on your settings. A simple file size comparison to the image taken and then attaching that unedited image to your support ticket would be that the image taken is the size of a Boeing 747 and you are trying to load it into the back of a pickup truck!

There are easy ways to shrink the file size of the image without reducing the quality. If you have image editing software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone ... that is one way. The other is to use a FREE online image resize utility. Here are a few links:


Once the images are reduced to be under the file size limits of the uploader they will easily attach to your support ticket.