Finish & Up-keep

Plain Finish

  • Wash headers with acetone (WARNING ~ Flammable!).
  • The headers should be heated to approximately 200° by using either an oven or carefully with a torch.
  • Hang the headers using a coat hanger through the bolt holes.
  • Spray the headers with VHT paint while the headers are still hot. Spray inside and out.
  • This process bakes the paint on the header and will protect the header from external and internal rust.

Ceramic Coated Headers

  • After installation and before starting the engine, wipe the headers down with solvent (mineral spirits, carb cleaner, or similar) to remove oils and grease which might burn into the surface finish. Do not use any type of spray cleaner as they may contain caustic solutions which will degrade the appearance of the coating.
  • Follow the procedure for checking and re-tightening flange bolts as with plain steel or stainless headers.
  • Periodically wipe down the headers with solvent to remove chemical residues or road grease. Again, do not use spray cleaners.
  • Polished or satin silver (aluminum) finishes may be buffed with fine steel wool or grey Scotch-Brite® to remove stubborn stains. Other colors of finish should only be cleaned with a warm solution of dishwashing or other mild detergent, using a nylon brush.
  • After initial installation or periodic cleaning, it is advisable to wax the coating with a good grade of paste wax or polish. Avoid products which contain rubbing compounds or chemicals which claim to "restore" the finish.

Chrome and Stainless Finish

  • Headers should be cleaned with a mild detergent or soap such as Windex.
  • Spray VHT paint inside all the tubes and collector (chrome only). This will prevent rust build-up.
  • Apply a heavy coat of paste wax, then let dry. When the wax is dry, buff , do not simply wipe off. Treat your new Sanderson Header's finish with the same care you would treat your vehicle's paint job. Wax headers frequently, this will help prevent bluing. You will be treated with years of satisfaction.
  • After installing your Sanderson Headers, re-polish them to be sure all finger prints and grease are removed.
  • It is very important to run a low backpressure exhaust system with chrome headers. Too much back pressure creates excessive heat, which in turn will discolor your headers.
  • Discoloration can also result from improper air/fuel mixture, incorrect ignition timing, or oil blowing by valve guides or piston rings.
  • All headers are guaranteed as to workmanship, materials, and finish. This does not include discoloration or chrome stainless steel or ceramic coated headers.